Braids 101

Hi my cuties and welcome to my second blog post. Today I’ll be talking about braids. I love hair styles and my friends are my little guinea pigs with whom I experiment various techniques. Something that you’ll find in every hairstyle are different kinds of braids. So here I’ll explain the different types of braids, how to do them and easy ways to style them.

The “Normal” Braid

So before we get started, braids are easiest to do when your hair isn’t freshly washed (1 or 2 days after washing it, your hair shouldn’t be greasy though), but if it is then there’s a simple solution: dry shampoo. It gives your hair that special texture. My favorite is from Batiste ( Its actually the first dry shampoo I’ve ever used and it just stuck with me.

Here I’m using the dry shampoo called ‘Brit’. At the moment it’s my favorite.
So let’s actually get started:
1.) Part your hair into 3 equally sized pieces.

2.) Now take the first piece and place it over the middle piece. The first piece now becomes the middle piece.
3.) Now take the last piece and place it over the middle piece, which was the first piece to begin with. (I hope that makes sense:P)

4.) Then you just continue crossing the left and right pieces over the middle piece until you run out of hair.

5.) This is how it shall look like when you’re finished:

The French Braid

This is an easy braid once you know how to do it. It is nothing else than a ‘normal’ braid, but you keep adding a piece of the rest of your hair.

1.) Here instead of parting you hair in 3 sections you also section the top part of your hair. So theoretically you’re left with on big piece and 3 smaller sections.

2.) Normally I start braiding my hair normally, just for the beginning and then start I french braiding.

3.) Instead of braiding from the side as you see above you can start braiding from the back. It’s a beautiful way to make a simple braid look different, but it will take practice.

The Dutch Braid

This braid isn’t that known and also not that common ,but its not hard at all.

1.) Instead of crossing the first piece over the middle one, you cross it under it.
2.) You continue the braid like this and in the end you’ll have a ‘reversed’ braid.

The Fishtail Braid

I saw this braid on a friend of mine a while ago and absolutely fell in love with it. It’s beautiful, yet really simple, you can use it to replace the normal braid and you can french braid it.
It also takes a little practice so don’t give up to early.

1.) Part your hair into 2 sections.

2.) Take a little part of the first section and cross it over so that you can add it to the second section.

2.) Now do them same for the second section.

3.) Continue like that and keep making the strands thinner until you run out of hair.

I hope that wasn’t to complicated, I tried to explain it as easy as possible. These are just a few basics, and soon I’ll be posting various hair styles which will contain these braids.
Please I’d love to hear what you thought of this tutorial and if you want to know when I’m posting, I have a Twitter account (@Fashion4forFun) which I’ll be updating every time.

Xoxox Caitlyn

-Dry shampoo doesn’t replace washing your hair. It’s just a last resort or if you want to add volume and/or texture to your hair.
-All of these braids take a while until you figure out where to put your hands, how to hold the different pieces and how to place them without your whole braid coming undone. It just takes practice.
-If you have a little bow place it on the end of your braid. The same works for flowers or you can actually braid the flowers or a ribbon into your braid, to make a simple and basic hairstyle look special.


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