Greet the New Year: Outfit edition

Hallo my beauties,

I’m so sorry for not posting sooner, there were more Christmas parties to attend than I thought, and I’m going to be honest with you, I’m exhausted.
But I put together some outfits for New Years eve, no matter if you’re spending time with your family or are going to party, please enjoy:

The casual look


Sweater, Crop top, High waisted jeans, Boots

This look is really comfy but still has a little bit of bling. I love the idea of a crop top and then a semi-see through sweater over it so that the pattern shines through. Then high waisted skinny jeans with riding boots is a really nice combination.
To top the look off I added a beautiful side fishtail braid. If you want to know how to make the fishtail braid you can check out my tutorial that I made earlier.
This outfit is perfect if you’re doing something with your family or if you’re having a little gathering eith your friends.

The formal look


Playsuit, Blazer, Shoes, Ring, Bag

This look is nice if you’re going to something more classy, like a fancy restaurant.
I absolutely love the plain black playsuit which one can combine with a lot of other stuff. What I love about playsuits is you look so classy wearing them with heels. For a little color how about a colorfully patterned blazer? And for a little edge this ring which mat hes the chain on the clutch.

The party look


Leggings, Sweater, Jacket, Shoes, Bracelet

Ok, let’s all take a moment to say that these leggings just scream New Years eve. And because there so loud we should tone the rest of the outfit down a little sticking to basics and neutral colors. Even the bracelet, which is from the Bethany Mota collection ( you should definitely check that out) has the minimum of gold in it. But even though this outfit isn’t made for everyday wear it is definitely perfect for New Years.

Bonus: The lucky ones

It’s a tradition that originated in Italy and has been taking Europe by storm. Women wear red underwear on New Years Eve for good luck. So here are just a few choices, all from Victoria Secret. (Angels, Fabulous)

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was really fun to do.

If you replicate any of my outfits or follow one of my tutorials and take a picture feel free to share it with us. Either via Instagram (#caitlynsentme) or via email ( or via Twitter (@Fashion4forFun).
I’ll be choosing pictures out at random and they’ll get a shout out on my blog. So be sure to do that.

And I’ll see you guys soon,




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