Makeup, Fashion and other things

Hi my beauties,

These past 3 years have been hard on me. I had a lot that I had to deal with and some of it wasn’t really pleasant.  But I changed a lot and learnt a lot about life I guess. One question that has been bothering me is why Fashion? And why makeup? Why bother at all?

Before I answer, I want to show you guys the difference that makeup does.

On the left I am wearing makeup and on the right my face is bare.

The difference isn’t that big, because I simply like it natural. So why bother. I have two reasons.

1.) It’s fun. I enjoy putting my makeup on every morning and trying out new looks. I also sometimes plan a whole day just so I can try different hairstyles.
I even sometimes go into the clothes stores and put together 20 different outfits just for the fun of it.
I have to admit fashion, makeup and all that it includes are one of my biggest hobbies.

2.) Confidence.  You know why humans are social? Because it’s a need of ours to compare ourselves to others. But we’re not allowed to let this need get the best of us. That’s why we learn after a while to dress and do what makes us happy.
That’s why I sometimes want to lose weight or get a new haircut. Because it’s not important to me how other people see me, it’s the way I see myself and how I feel in my own skin.
So please, if your friend says she’s dieting or that she wants to change something about herself: it’s her choice. She (or he) needs to do what’s right for her (him), even if she (he) does a mistake. It’s all a part of life.

These are just my thoughts on the matter. People that get dressed differently or wear to much makeup,  it’s how they feel comfortable in their own skin and that’s so important.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. It’s a little different from all my other posts but I thought it was important to get this ‘out there’.

Please share your thoughts with me. Either by commenting or if you want by sending me an e-mail ( or via Twitter @Fashion4forFun.




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