What’s in my bag tag

Hi my beauties,

Today’s post is a thing I’ve seen a lot on youtube. It’s pretty popular with all the beauty gurus so today is my turn.

This is my bag and its contents:

The bag

The bag I’m using a lot at the moment is by Miché. I love it because you can customise it.

You can change the cover via magnet. I have two, this one and a black one. But they have a lot of choices.


And the straps too.

It also has a lot of inside compartments which help the organisation.

the bag

My purse and keys


Both pretty simple. I mean who doesn’t need them. With my keys I have this key chain from SA, a little reminder of my home.

My phone and my ipod

One of the things I can honestly say is that I never leave the house without my ipod and a nice pair of headphones. I need my music, not a week goes by without me downloading a new song. The reason for that is also that I watch a lot of tv series and half the songs on my ipod are the soundtracks to those series.

A hair remover

I own 4 white cats and I’ve found that nothing destroys an outfit more than white hairs… EVERYWHERE.

Hand sanitiser

I actually never use this unless I’m traveling, but sometimes it does come in handy.

My makeup bag


Every girl needs a makeup bag. I keep the content simple. Mascara, a brush, lip balm, compact powder and cover stick. Depending on my makeup I keep other stuff like eyeliner or lipstick in it.

My Journal

This is both a diary and a notebook. I use it to plan my blog post, document my outfits and make lists. And sometimes I use it as a diary but that’s pretty rare. I think that it’s really useful qnd I would recommend it to anyone.

So that’s what’s in my bag, and if you want you can show me whats in your bag via twitter @Fashion4forFun , via email fashion4forfun@gmail.com or instagram #caitlynsentme .




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