Be my Valentine♡ Makeup edition

Hi guys,

Valentines day is soon and I’m really excited because I love Valentines day, sadly here in Switzerland it isn’t a big deal. But I don’t care so get ready for my Valentines day special edition because for the next few weeks it will be almost the only thing I’ll be posting.

I already did my face makeup, so this is going to be more of an eye makeup tutorial.

This is how I’m starting out. If you want to know what I used, this is it:

Clinique acne solution(in 01 fresh alabaster), Clinique chubby stick(in 07 super strawberry), Sunkissed bronzer(color at the bottom),Catrice highlighter(in C01 Far and beyond),Nyx eyebrow cake powder(in Dark brown/brown),got2b powderful

I also used L’Oréal BB Cream Anti-dark circles and Yardley Oatmeal 2 in 1 blemish stick in Ivory, but I couldn’t find them anywhere.  I think they are discontinued. 
By the way I used the Chubby Stick as a blush and it worked really way. It gave a nice subtle color.

Now to my eyes. I grabbed my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash eye shadow in the color Champagne 13. I used it in the corner of my eye, under my eyebrow and over my whole eye lid.

Then I took my Long wear cream shadow, also by Bobbi Brown in the color Heather 30. This I just put over my lid. It is a purple color but it’s still subtle.


Next I grabbed my nyx Smokey look kit.

I chose the darkest grey color in the middle and brushed it in the corner of my eye. I didn’t brush exactly in the corner of my eye but smudged the gray a little bit over my temple for an extra smokey look. Be sure to blend it well though.

The next step is optional. I did it for a more intense look. I just grabbed my liquid liner and drew a thin line at the bottom and at the top of my eye, but only in the corner. Then I grabbed a kajal and went over the line I did before. Then just smudge it a little bit.

Now because of the black around my eye I filled my waterline with a white kajal. It just opens my eyes a little bit more.

For my mascara I used Mabyelline Big Eyes Mascara and then I piled some CovergirlLashblast Fusion on my top lashes.

Then for my last touch I added my Yves Rocher Nourishing balm. It is the chocolate and rasberry one, and again for some reason its discontinued even though I love it.

It moisturises my lips and ats abit of color. Plus it smells amazing.

The look:



Thanks for reading this post. If you try the look please show it to me via email,  or via Twitter @Fashion4forFun,  or via Instagram @Fashion4forFun.  Have a nice week.




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