Famous Fashion: Shakira

Hi guys,

Shakira has been going big at the moment, with both of her new music videos “Can’t remember to forget you” and the spanish version of the song ” Nunca Me Acuerdo De Olvidarte”. I thought she was the perfect start for a new series, the first series, I’m doing on my blog, where I will be studying the different celebrity styles and showing you guys how to ‘steal’ there style.

I would love you to leave me a comment if you have any requests.
Lets get started:

Street Style


– Shakira doesn’t really wear a lot of dresses, she mostly wears denim or black jeans or leggings. One thing you can definitely use to incorporate her style are boyfriend jeans. Don’t forget that a little bit ripped is perfect.
– she wears mostly neutral colors but a lot of times she adds a red shirt for a pop of color.
– for a bag you often see her with a shoulder bag, but in various colors and patterns
– one of her favorite prints seems to be the leopard print. It’s a simple way to style up your outfit. Just add a leopard print scarf.
– you almost always see her in heels or wedges. Either ankle boots or sandal wedges.
Here are a few items to help you incorporate Shakiras style:


Scarf, Leather Jacket, Boyfriend Jeans, Black Jeans, Shoes,Handbag

Red Carpet


– different to her street style, her red carpet style is much more colorful.
You see her in red, blue and yellow. All kinds of colors.
– I love all the gem detailing and the glitter detailing


Shakiras dresses are truly unique but here are a two that include Shakiras love for leopard print and the beautiful gem detailing.
Leopard print dress, Glitter dress

Hair & Makeup


– Shakiras hair is naturally wavy and she mostly keeps it a beautiful golden blond.
– Shakiras makeup is also very natural, she mostly doesn’t wear a lot of eye makeup except for mabye eye liner.
– her lips are mostly nude.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it’s a little different from what I normally post.
Sidenote: none of the pictures are mine, and all the information is from observation and research, so if something isn’t completely right I apologise.




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