TV-Style: Fashion inspired by Reign

Hi guys,

TV-Style is a Fashion Style where I’m going to talk about the Style you see on the small screen at home. I’ll be covering the clothes, the makeup and in general how to achieve this look.

What’s it about?

Reign is a historic but still fictional TV-series that follows Mary, Queen of Scots in her early years. It has just started its 2nd season.

The story starts when Mary is sent to French Court to marry the future king of France Francis, whom she’s been engaged to since she was six. Life at French Court is hard with all the ever-changing politics and power plays and Mary finds herself between two guys, the love of her life, Francis and his bastard half-brother Sebastian (Nickname: Bash).

I’m absolutely obsessed with this show, mostly because I love the music, which is modern, and the style, which isn’t necessarily modern but it’s definitely not historically accurate. I think it’s like a middle-age Pretty Little Liars, which I personally think is awesome. So much deceit and exitment, a girl can dream.

Mary Stuart

Mary is portrayed by Adelaide Kane, who you might already know because she made an appearance in Teen Wolf, as Derek’s younger sister. There she was an awesome badass, but it goes without saying that she is still is a fierce queen as the leading role in this series.


  • Lace: Mary wears a lot of lace, which in those days was a sign of power, because it was handmade(!!!). She has it included in almost every outfit, sometimes she wears it as a lining or on her top. For her wedding she even wore it over her whole body, which is absolutly beautiful and it makes me want a wedding just so I can wear it.

  • Colors: In season 1 you see her in a lot of light colors, but also in gold and red, those are kind of her signature colors. In season 2 you notice a change in the color schemes, in contrast she wears darker colors, probably to accompany the darker theme of the show.

  • Cut: The outfits are mostly cinched around the waist which is a wonderful style to wear and very flattering. You could incorporate this with skater skirts or with high waisted jeans.


  • Mary is a queen and obviously has to wear a crown. She doesn’t wear the same one all the time because it changes with every outfit. You could incorporate it with a fashionable flower crown or a jewelled hair band. Mabye you could match it to the seasons.

  • A staple of Mary’s style are her earings. These are mostly big and dangley, with stones and gems that also match her outfit color scheme. She has a lot of things going on with her hair, her crown and her earings, so the rest of the outfit should be kept simple.

Hair & Makeup:

  • Mary pretty much always wears her hair wavy. One thing that I love about Reign is that they always incoorparate bohemian style braids which is perfect for festivals or concerts.
  • to achieve her makeup in season 1, I would go with a brown kayal and mascara. Mabye add on a nice pink blush and a neutral lipstick.  She sometimes goes for a, you guessed it, red lipstick when there is a special occasion. Her look in the first season is very young and natural.
  • in season 2 you definitely see a change in her makeup. Same as with her style her makeup becomes darker. If you want to incoorporate that change stay with the brown natural color but mabye go for a sexy smokey eye and a brownish-mauve lipstick.

Francis II

He is the love of Mary’s life or so she thinks when she arrives in France. I personally don’t like him and let’s just say he is a true prince. He wears a lot of black with gold detailing and honestly has more volume in his hair than I do. But he is a major character and the show wouldn’t be the same without him.

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Jeans, Boots, Pendant, Top, Coat

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it was really fun to put together and to finally have time to post again.