Fashionable Savers: Shoptagr

Hi guys,

I don’t know about you but I’m a huge fan of online shopping but let’s face it , it’s pretty easy to lose overview of things. Also have you ever been so obsessed with something, that even though it was out of your price range you kept stalking it, just waiting for it’s price to go down?

You spend hours everyday checking this particular site for a change in price with no guarantee of it ever happening.

There is hope for people like us because now we have Shoptagr.

This website is just in time for Christmas and it’s very simple to operate. You just log in and while shopping, when you see something you like, you either drag the +Tag Bar to the web address of the item or you can download the +Tag Booklet. Then you just say what color, size and discount you want. After that you can just sit back and wait for an email which notifies you when the item is on sale.

I love…

…that you can save so much time with this site and best of all it’s completley free.

…that rewards can be earned by sharing the site with your friends and family. The rewards are mostly gift vouchers to your favorite online store. You can earn money by saving money!

…that you can make different lists so that you can bring some order in your online shopping world.

I don’t like…

…how the button only works with certain stores. It doesn’t work on all. But to e fair, they have a lot of popular stores registered and they are planning on expanding.

…that the price reduction only works fort he items you register. It doesn’t work if there is a code that you can add to get a discount, it only is activated if you can save on that specific item.

My verdict:

I love Shoptagr. It’s free and it really does work. I also love how to use this site, it isn’t manditory to download the booklet.

Also there are a lot of stores that you can use it on, for example Asos, Victoria Secret, Topshop and so many more.

I hope you guys will find it as useful as I do.

Happy shopping