My New Years Fashion Resolutions

Hi guys,

I normally am not the biggest fan of New Years Resolutions, because a lot of people only follow theirs for about 2 weeks and then it all flies out the window. Then again I’m a rebel and I decided I really want to up my style game this year. So here are mine. Please enjoy:

1. Get all my outfits ready on a Sunday. 

This seems like a hard one to keep, but I think it will be worth it. This way I won’t get into time stress in the morning and my outfits will also become more stylish.

2. Get inspired.

I often see fashion posts or videos inspired by Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf or any other TV Shows really and those are my favorite posts, but I’ve never incorporated these inspirations in my wardrobe.

3. Go shopping more.

The only time I really go shopping is in the holidays, which as a result makes me walk around with the same exact clothes for at least 8 weeks. That’s a long time and I want to be able to treat myself more with maybe an awesome pair of jeans or an edgy new leather jacket.

4. Be confident and comfortable with what you choose to wear.

The outfits you choose are uniquely you and one should embrace that. Also stop comparing with others because that is not worth it. Every person has their own unique style, imagine how boring it would get if everyone looked the same.

Have a great 2015, you guys and let’s see what it brings us on the fashionable side.

Lots of love



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