Winter Break: Bouldering Expidition

Hi guys,

one of the biggest struggles I have during break is to stay active. This means it’s easy for me to lose my routine and I spend hours binge-watching Gossip Girl.

So this break I wanted to get my routine down and be a little bit more active.

A great way is to go bouldering. It’s pretty much rock-climbing, but you don’t climb very high and you don’t have all the ropes to hold you up. It’s a tiny bit more dangerous but don’t worry there are mats everywhere.

So grab your friends and get in shape without it even feeling like exercise.

IMG-20150204-WA0000 IMG-20150204-WA0003Enjoy your holidays or just enjoy life and don’t let it pass you by.

Lots of Love



The Benefits of Motivation Boards<3

Hi guys,

if there’s one thing that fashion bloggers are obsessed with, it’s motivation boards. They help us get stuff done and make us feel like tumblr girls if you know what I mean.

I have more than one actually but you can also choose one option.

The first option is the typical “board”, you can buy a very cheap on at the craft store or you can get a magnetic one on which you can use cute magnets as accessories.

The only downside is that it gets full after a while, but that can also be a benefit because you can find new motivations.

P1030623 P1030629


Second option is great for all those studious girls out there that spend a good part of their day at their desk.

Simply get a clear sheet and put your motivations and/or accomplishments underneath it. Don’t feel like studying? Remember that time you had an A+? Suddenly you’ve found a new reason to hit the books.

It’s also a pretty cheap way to have a motivation board and has a double-use because at the same time it’s protecting your desk.


The third option is the electronic one. I use Pinterest, so if you want you can follow me. The electronic one is great because it pretty much takes up no space and you can follow other people and get inspired by them. Like all social networks it connects us and it can be such a positive experience.


There you go guys, those are the 3 options I use, and I promise you they are worth it. They help develop your style, reach your goals and be happy.

Enjoy your Saturday,

Lots of love



What’s in my bag tag

Hi my beauties,

Today’s post is a thing I’ve seen a lot on youtube. It’s pretty popular with all the beauty gurus so today is my turn.

This is my bag and its contents:

The bag

The bag I’m using a lot at the moment is by Miché. I love it because you can customise it.

You can change the cover via magnet. I have two, this one and a black one. But they have a lot of choices.


And the straps too.

It also has a lot of inside compartments which help the organisation.

the bag

My purse and keys


Both pretty simple. I mean who doesn’t need them. With my keys I have this key chain from SA, a little reminder of my home.

My phone and my ipod

One of the things I can honestly say is that I never leave the house without my ipod and a nice pair of headphones. I need my music, not a week goes by without me downloading a new song. The reason for that is also that I watch a lot of tv series and half the songs on my ipod are the soundtracks to those series.

A hair remover

I own 4 white cats and I’ve found that nothing destroys an outfit more than white hairs… EVERYWHERE.

Hand sanitiser

I actually never use this unless I’m traveling, but sometimes it does come in handy.

My makeup bag


Every girl needs a makeup bag. I keep the content simple. Mascara, a brush, lip balm, compact powder and cover stick. Depending on my makeup I keep other stuff like eyeliner or lipstick in it.

My Journal

This is both a diary and a notebook. I use it to plan my blog post, document my outfits and make lists. And sometimes I use it as a diary but that’s pretty rare. I think that it’s really useful qnd I would recommend it to anyone.

So that’s what’s in my bag, and if you want you can show me whats in your bag via twitter @Fashion4forFun , via email or instagram #caitlynsentme .



Greet the New Year: New Years Resolutions

Hi my beauties,

Happy happy new year. I hope you have a wonderful 2014, with a lot of success and style. I’m going to keep the post very simple today, so I hope you don’t mind. I just want to show you my goals for this year and if you have any special resolutions feel free to post it in the comments.

Let’s jump right in:

1. A flat stomach

One thing you have to know about me: I’m pretty sporty, I just have my phases. But this year no more excuses, I want that flat tummy.
The problem is there are a lot of different treats and sweets out there which have always tempted me. And despite what Kate Moss says (Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.) I bet there are at least 10 junk foods that taste better. Don’t believe me?

1. Chocolate
2. Ben and Jerrys
3. Fruitn’ Chutney Chips ( Is this just me?)
4. Cupcakes ( You had this one coming)
5. Cream Soda
6. Mac ‘nd Cheese
7. Smores
8. Cookies
9. Smoothies
10. Slushies

Believe me I have many more. So back to the goal. I want to manage this without starving myself, just by eating healthy and exercising.

2. No more impulse buying

I cleaned out my cupboard the other day and honestly? Half of the stuff in there I bought because I liked it in the store. I wore it a lot at the time but now I just have to shake my head and turn my back towards it.
To avoid impulse buying I have a list and guidelines which I must follow.

3. Be nicer to my parents

This resolution I think is so important because I have a hell of a temper and I always regret it when I let it run wild with me. I want to have it under control and appreciate my parents more. Yes, they are annoying and yes, sometimes they ruin my life (just kidding) but they do a lot for me and I do sometimes take them for granted so big shout out to my parents. I love you and I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for me. ♥♡♥♡

4. Sleep more

So this resolution I have to admit, I copied from Collegefashion and it seemed like a good resolution. I drink so much coffee just to stay awake during class and as a result I tend to eat more when I’m hungry.
Little question is this normal?
Anyway so this is a useful resolution.

5. Keep the blog going

Yes guys, you, yes, you reading this are my last resolution. I love posting. It’s been a lot of fun and I actually learn a lot with each post. Its a great way to develop my style and to enjoy my love for beauty and fashion.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you do any of my posts and take a picture feel free to share it with us. Either via Instagram (#caitlynsentme) or via email ( or via Twitter (@Fashion4forFun).
I’ll be choosing pictures out at random and they’ll get a shout out on my blog. So be sure to do that.

I hope you have a lovely new year, please post your New Years resolutions in the comments it really intrests me.
I’ll see you in 2014.



Christmas with Caitlyn: A night in the town

Hi my beauties,
I’m so excited right now because finally my holiday has begun. Be ready for a lot of spontaneous posts like this one. This is just a fun little post of a christmas tradition that has always been one of my favorites. My family and I go into Zürich which is a city that is near to where I live. I always enjoy these trips because there’s good food and great shopping.
Let’s have a look at the pictures with a cup of coffee or tea (which ever you prefer) and remember that this is just for fun.



Before I went to Zürich my friends and I decided to go into Starbucks and celebrate our newly-found freedom. And of course it wouldn’t be Starbucks without a few selfies.



A shop that my sister and I have been in love with since we were little girls is Franz Carl Weber, an enormous toy shop. This year we were very adventurous and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this adorable unicorn and this weird monkey.



One reason I love these trips are the christmas lights. They are so beautiful and really worth looking at. I also love Swiss cities. They have a unique aura to them and they are full of history. (Sorry that this picture is scew, I tried to change it but it’s just being weird.)


When my sister said we were going to Movie, I was confused. But as it turns out Movie is a restaurant.  And what a reataurant, it has old cameras and pictures, and as you can guess, the whole thing is themed around movies.


The singing christmas tree: a fun christmas event.



Ok you got me I’m a coffee person, I can’t resist any coffee bad or good and Starbucks is definitely on the good side.
The lipstick that you see is my ‘Christmas lipstick’ but more to that on another day. I’ll be writing a review about it soon so stay tuned.

If you would like to know when I post you can follow me on Twitter @Fashion4forFun and if you want any information on anything or if you’re a company that wants to contact me you can do so via .

Have a nice evening everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow.



Imagine Dragons Concert

Hi my beauties,

I’m sorry to inform you that today isn’t going to be a Christmas special, but I have something else planned for today. For all of you who have seen my past few posts know that last Monday Imagine Dragons came to Switzerland and had an awesome concert. Today is a pretty casual post so I hope you guys enjoy it anyway.
It was my first concert ever, and it was really good. They had two opening acts. The first one was ‘The moth and the flame’, they were good, there music just wasn’t really my taste and the second one was ‘Family of the year’. They were a bit more to my liking, especially there song ‘Hero’.
Finally ‘Imagine Dragons’ came on and they were awesome.n Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, was really funny and entertaining. I loved how they used the drums for almost every song and the whole concert was just one huge light show. At one point they threw out these huge balloons filled with confetti, they popped after a while and so the confetti rained down on us. It was so much fun and there was a good atmosphere during and after the concert.
Anyway, I’m sorry that I’m keeping you waiting. Sit back, relax and enjoy the pictures and videos:







I hope you enjoyed this post. I promise you next week I’ll make up for the Christmas special that we missed today.

I actually have a tutorial to the shirts that we wore so be sure to check that out. It’s called ‘DIY: Embellished shirt’ and you can find it in the category ‘Tutorial’ or ‘Fashion’.

If you have any question, feedbacks or other stuff feel free to contact me via and for post updates you can follow me on twitter @fashion4forfun.

Have a beautiful 3rd Advent guys.

Let it snow…

Hi my cuties,
This post today was very spontaneous.  Normally I only post every Sunday,  but those who follow me on Twitter (@Fashion4forFun) know that yesterday evening it snowed for the first time this winter. So I simply decided to make a post to celebrate the frosty weather and to do so I rounded up a few of my friends and we made a few fun pictures, were most of the time they try to hit me with a snowball.
Now sit back and enjoy the snowy pictures:










I just wanted to add that this post was so much fun to make and that my friends were so supportive, so a big thank you to them…♡♥♡

…and a big thank you to you guys. You probabley know that I’m just getting started and I’m so happy that I already have a few followers. It really motivates me and you are awesome…

…so I will see you again this Sunday for my usual post. And because you guys are so awesome I’ll already give you a little hint: This Sunday we’ll be getting really creative.
Now you just have to wait and see how.