His & Her Fashion Tips for NCAA & NFL Games

Hi guys,

a lot of you are probably hard-core football fans. Even if you’re not, there’s probably a big chance that if you live in America you still go or watch the games with your friends and family. In my experience,(and since I’m South African, I’m referring to rugby) the atmosphere is the best part of the whole experience. Like any event you have the wonderful opportunity to pick out an outfit to wear. The problem: It’s easy to accidentally just go for a pair of jeans and your teams jersey, which is a shame because there is so much potential to get creative and stand out in the crowd. Here are a few options to show how fabulous you actually are, while supporting your favorite team. In my case the … You guessed it! The Miami Dolphins!!! But don’t worry, this is to all football fans out there!

1.Embrace the teams mascot. This is an option for both the bold and the subtle personalities out there. And if the mascot is an animal the better. Cute or even trendy animal prints have been everywhere this year, and you can easily use these in everyday life too which is perfect for all you people out there on a budget. Also don’t be afraid to use fan merchandising in your outfits. If you’re looking for a great website I always would recommend Fanatics. They have a great selection for every team that you could imagine.

image Nose Stud, Baseball Cap, Necklace, Watches

2. Accessorize. This is so important and an easy way to spruce up any outfit. Don’t worry guys, a trendy watch can go a far way. This way you can easily incorporate the teams mascot, without it seeming tacky. Collage 2015-01-16 20_03_36   Crop top, Ankle Boots, Beanie, Skirt     Collage 2015-01-16 20_06_13 Dress shirt, Oxfords, Pants, Ring

3. For her: add something masculine, for him: dress up. Unisex trends have been in this year, BUT don’t go raiding your boyfriends closets. If you like it there’s a good chance he likes it to. Remember, there is no shame buying shirts from the guys section of the store. You can either wear the shirt over a tank and roll up the sleeves or just tie it around your waist with a cute crop top. Either way it’s a clever way to make use of the nice shirts guys get to wear without seeming…well masculin. Collage 2015-01-16 20_40_10 Off-shoulder top, Dress shirt, Sneakers, Skirt

Now for him: get away from your washed out jeans. Dress it up, because there is nothing more sexy than a guy with style. Ditch your washed out jeans, go for pants instead. Or instead of the jersey wear a dress shirt in your teams colors with a pair of black jeans. Dress shirts are an awesome way to show team support but in a more subtle way. Untuck the dress shirt for a more casual look. Collage 2015-01-16 20_23_19 Dress Shirt, Oxford Shoes, Jeans

4. Get away from boring sneakers. This means, girls go for a cute pair of ankle boots, or give it an edge with some lace up combat boots. Guys, if you love your sneakers too much, don’t despair. You can go for a more formal version and root for the Oxford shoes. However the same rule applies to you guys, boots are always a good alternative. Collage 2015-01-16 20_31_05 Boots, Oxford’s, Doc Martens, Cut-out boots

5. Reinvent the jersey. You love the original jersey? No worries! Just be original with the rest of the outfit. Ditch the boring sneakers and throw a nice jacket on, especially if it has some detail. This tip works for all the guys and girls out there.

6. Never wear more than 3 colors and a basic color. This means you can’t wear more than 4 colors at once. One of those colors has to either be black or white, and then you can add up to 3 more. You can also use the basic color to tone down all the other ones. Collage 2015-01-16 20_37_06   Crop Top, Skinny Jeans, Blazers   Collage 2015-01-16 20_47_48 Dress Shirt, Tie, Jeans

Now you’re all ready for a fun and awesome evening with your friends and family. I hope that you feel happy and confident with what you’re wearing and never stop being amazingly you.

Lots of Love

Caitlyn Dingley


My New Years Fashion Resolutions

Hi guys,

I normally am not the biggest fan of New Years Resolutions, because a lot of people only follow theirs for about 2 weeks and then it all flies out the window. Then again I’m a rebel and I decided I really want to up my style game this year. So here are mine. Please enjoy:

1. Get all my outfits ready on a Sunday. 

This seems like a hard one to keep, but I think it will be worth it. This way I won’t get into time stress in the morning and my outfits will also become more stylish.

2. Get inspired.

I often see fashion posts or videos inspired by Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf or any other TV Shows really and those are my favorite posts, but I’ve never incorporated these inspirations in my wardrobe.

3. Go shopping more.

The only time I really go shopping is in the holidays, which as a result makes me walk around with the same exact clothes for at least 8 weeks. That’s a long time and I want to be able to treat myself more with maybe an awesome pair of jeans or an edgy new leather jacket.

4. Be confident and comfortable with what you choose to wear.

The outfits you choose are uniquely you and one should embrace that. Also stop comparing with others because that is not worth it. Every person has their own unique style, imagine how boring it would get if everyone looked the same.

Have a great 2015, you guys and let’s see what it brings us on the fashionable side.

Lots of love


Fashionable Savers: Shoptagr

Hi guys,

I don’t know about you but I’m a huge fan of online shopping but let’s face it , it’s pretty easy to lose overview of things. Also have you ever been so obsessed with something, that even though it was out of your price range you kept stalking it, just waiting for it’s price to go down?

You spend hours everyday checking this particular site for a change in price with no guarantee of it ever happening.

There is hope for people like us because now we have Shoptagr.

This website is just in time for Christmas and it’s very simple to operate. You just log in and while shopping, when you see something you like, you either drag the +Tag Bar to the web address of the item or you can download the +Tag Booklet. Then you just say what color, size and discount you want. After that you can just sit back and wait for an email which notifies you when the item is on sale.

I love…

…that you can save so much time with this site and best of all it’s completley free.

…that rewards can be earned by sharing the site with your friends and family. The rewards are mostly gift vouchers to your favorite online store. You can earn money by saving money!

…that you can make different lists so that you can bring some order in your online shopping world.

I don’t like…

…how the button only works with certain stores. It doesn’t work on all. But to e fair, they have a lot of popular stores registered and they are planning on expanding.

…that the price reduction only works fort he items you register. It doesn’t work if there is a code that you can add to get a discount, it only is activated if you can save on that specific item.

My verdict:

I love Shoptagr. It’s free and it really does work. I also love how to use this site, it isn’t manditory to download the booklet.

Also there are a lot of stores that you can use it on, for example Asos, Victoria Secret, Topshop and so many more.

I hope you guys will find it as useful as I do.

Happy shopping


TV-Style: Fashion inspired by Reign

Hi guys,

TV-Style is a Fashion Style where I’m going to talk about the Style you see on the small screen at home. I’ll be covering the clothes, the makeup and in general how to achieve this look.

What’s it about?

Reign is a historic but still fictional TV-series that follows Mary, Queen of Scots in her early years. It has just started its 2nd season.

The story starts when Mary is sent to French Court to marry the future king of France Francis, whom she’s been engaged to since she was six. Life at French Court is hard with all the ever-changing politics and power plays and Mary finds herself between two guys, the love of her life, Francis and his bastard half-brother Sebastian (Nickname: Bash).

I’m absolutely obsessed with this show, mostly because I love the music, which is modern, and the style, which isn’t necessarily modern but it’s definitely not historically accurate. I think it’s like a middle-age Pretty Little Liars, which I personally think is awesome. So much deceit and exitment, a girl can dream.

Mary Stuart

Mary is portrayed by Adelaide Kane, who you might already know because she made an appearance in Teen Wolf, as Derek’s younger sister. There she was an awesome badass, but it goes without saying that she is still is a fierce queen as the leading role in this series.


  • Lace: Mary wears a lot of lace, which in those days was a sign of power, because it was handmade(!!!). She has it included in almost every outfit, sometimes she wears it as a lining or on her top. For her wedding she even wore it over her whole body, which is absolutly beautiful and it makes me want a wedding just so I can wear it.

  • Colors: In season 1 you see her in a lot of light colors, but also in gold and red, those are kind of her signature colors. In season 2 you notice a change in the color schemes, in contrast she wears darker colors, probably to accompany the darker theme of the show.

  • Cut: The outfits are mostly cinched around the waist which is a wonderful style to wear and very flattering. You could incorporate this with skater skirts or with high waisted jeans.


  • Mary is a queen and obviously has to wear a crown. She doesn’t wear the same one all the time because it changes with every outfit. You could incorporate it with a fashionable flower crown or a jewelled hair band. Mabye you could match it to the seasons.

  • A staple of Mary’s style are her earings. These are mostly big and dangley, with stones and gems that also match her outfit color scheme. She has a lot of things going on with her hair, her crown and her earings, so the rest of the outfit should be kept simple.

Hair & Makeup:

  • Mary pretty much always wears her hair wavy. One thing that I love about Reign is that they always incoorparate bohemian style braids which is perfect for festivals or concerts.
  • to achieve her makeup in season 1, I would go with a brown kayal and mascara. Mabye add on a nice pink blush and a neutral lipstick.  She sometimes goes for a, you guessed it, red lipstick when there is a special occasion. Her look in the first season is very young and natural.
  • in season 2 you definitely see a change in her makeup. Same as with her style her makeup becomes darker. If you want to incoorporate that change stay with the brown natural color but mabye go for a sexy smokey eye and a brownish-mauve lipstick.

Francis II

He is the love of Mary’s life or so she thinks when she arrives in France. I personally don’t like him and let’s just say he is a true prince. He wears a lot of black with gold detailing and honestly has more volume in his hair than I do. But he is a major character and the show wouldn’t be the same without him.

Collage 2014-11-26 20_16_46


Jeans, Boots, Pendant, Top, Coat

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it was really fun to put together and to finally have time to post again.



Fashion on the go: Travel Beauty Tips

Hi guys,

So this is a reupload because somehow it didn’t display this post right the last time. I hope you’ll forgive me that I’m not posting anything new, but I have so much going on at the moment: school and I’m doing this riding exam and it’s all really eating up my time so excuse me if my posts aren’t as frequent as they usually are.

Without further ado let’s get started with the 3rd post in this “Fashion on the go” -Series. Enjoy:

1. BB Cream

BB cream
I absolutely love this product, especially for travelling. It moisturises your skin which is very useful because airplanes can dry it out so easily. It also doesn’t feel like you have a ton of makeup on your face but still gives you some coverage. I think every girl should have a tube of BB cream lying around.

White eyeliner

Let’s face it if you would go on a long flight with perfect cat eyes, you’ll probabley arrive looking like a racoon. And who wants that? Thats why I stay away from the black eyeliner and instead just try to look as awake and fresh as possible. White eyeliner is subtle but if you put it on your waterline and the corner of your eye it can really open them up. Plus, if it smudges you don’t see it.

Clear top coat
image image

Nail Polish
Good news girls: You can color your nails to your hearts content, because only the cheapest nail polishes chip after a few hours. But remember to seal with a top coat so that they’ll survive all the luggage carrying!

No waterproof Mascara

This is a big no. You might think:”I want my mascara to last so I better put on waterproof.” It makes sense but if you go to sleep with waterproof mascara you might break of your lovely lashes, and no mascara will be able to cover that up. Rather keep a packet of makeup wipes in your hand luggage just in case.

image image

You can leave it open but a lot of people prefer to have their hair out of their face. And there are so many easy ways to do it. Since you’ll probably be sleeping I would recommend to either wear your hair in a braid or in a very high bun. If you want some braiding pointers check out my Braids 101 post.

I hope you enjoyed my post and apologies again.



Fashion on the go: Travel outfit tips

Hi guys,

Another travel post and this time we’ll be checking out how to travel comfortably and fashionably. Only 27 days left till I leave, this is so exciting.
Let’s get started:

1.) Leggings


They are your best friend for traveling and no wonder, it’s like you’re travelling in your sweatpants! They also come in various prints and colors, plus if you prefer jeans then you can go for jeggings (=leggings that look like jeans). If you decide to wear leggings you should make sure to wear it with a long top , because as comfortable as leggings are and even though you can find a pair in every girls closet: they aren’t pants ladies!

2.) Layers

Layers are pretty much essential for travelling. The whole point of layering is to be able to take a clothing item off if you’re to hot or add a clothing item if you’re to cold. Especially when flying I found this , method to be very effective since you mostly need more layers whem you’re in the air.
A great way to layer is to wear a tank top with a sweater over it and to carry a jacket in case it gets very cold. Additionally this look will look awesome with your leggings.

3.) Scarfs


This pretty much belongs to layering but I think a scarf is double essential when it comes to travelling. It keeps you warm and by choosing the right pattern and color it can spice up your outfit.

4.) A big bag

If you’re anything like me you always struggle with the weight of your luggage, especially on your way home. That’s why I need a big bag to travel with, but it still has to be small enough to not count as my hand luggage. I also prefer having all important stuff with me at all times, instead of having to stand up and cram it out from my suitcase in the over-head locker.

5.) Metall


Girls if you’re travelling via airplane please, please follow this tip: leave your jewellery,  your fat belt and any other accessories that contain or may contain metall in your luggage. You’ll be doing everybody a favor. Because when I’m standing in line, all ready to finally get my seventeen magazine or whatever in duty-free I don’t want to have to wait for the women in front of me to take off all her jewellery.  And I’m saying this out of experience, because the woman is mostly my mother.

These are my top 5 outfit tips for flying, I hope they were useful and I hope wherever you go that you arrive there savely and , most importantly,  fashionably.
(I think I need to sort out my priorities. )

Until next week guys,


Fashion on the go: Non-Beauty Travel essentials

Hi guys,

I hope you had a lovely week, to be honest mine wasn’t that good, except for the weekend, because I manged to break my favorite pair of ankle boots. But anyway…

Welcome to this weeks post and I’m going to start it off with a huge announcement: in exactly 33 days I’m leaving for America. I’m really excited about it, I’ve never been and my family and I are visiting great places. I figured that for this I could do a little special. It will probably contain 3 posts with tips to travel comfortably but still fashionably. Let’s get started with today’s post: Non-Beauty Travel essentials

1.) Hand Sanitiser


Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango,Vanilla

Airplanes, airports, train stations, trains, boats… anything to do with public transport is designed to carry a lot of people and because of that they aren’t the most hygienic places. I anyway always like to carry some hand sanitiser with me and I would definitely recommend it when travelling.

2.) Water


When travelling you want to stay hydrated. You move around a lot, have to carry heavy bags and if you fly, you have to sit in a stuffy vessel for a few hours tops. One thing to put on your duty-free shopping list should definitely be water.

3.) Phone


Do I even have to explain this one? It’s the best invention ever simply because it means we aren’t completely helpless if something doesn’t go as planned, plus if you get bored you can always play a game on it.

4.) Music


You don’t necessarily need an ipod for this, all smartphones have a music application on them, which also means less to carry

5. ) Headphones


If you want to listen to music you need headphones.  It would be just plain rude to listen to music on loudspeaker and it won’t make you popular with the other passengers.
These by Frends have been on my wish list for like… forever. They are an accessory by themselves and personally, for travelling I prefer overear headphones.

6.) Eye mask


Eye mask
Even though they switch some lights off in the plane, it’s still to bright for me. And these I masks are to cute to resist.

I hope this post was useful. I mostly based it on my experience. 
If you have any other suggestions or add-ons please feel free to comment below.