Supersize vs. Superskinny

Hi guys,

serious post today! As you probably have noticed the whole media is really corrupt with skinny sized models and photoshop . But I think that the media has gone a step to far in the past few years.

It all pretty much started with the introduction of the first real plus-size supermodel. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing that they are stepping away from the super-skinny image, but they are pretty much leaving an extreme for the next extreme method.

Why are we advertising, especially to teens, that being obese is ok? Because it’s not.

It all comes down to balance, which you can only achieve with exercise and healthy diet.

Here’s why we have to get away from these extremes:

– Super-Skinny


  • You don’t get enough minerals and vitamins so you have a weakened immune system and are more vurnable to colds and the flu.
  • if you don’t get enough calcium it can weaken your bones so you can more easily get a fracture.
  • too little iron- get ready to be tired ALL the time
  • your menstrual cycle could fall out and if this happens for too long it could be impossible for you to have kids
  • if worst comes to worst your body might start eating it’s own organs and you could lose your hair and teeth.

– Obese


  • Let’s just say the prospects aren’t necessarily better because you can get diabetes and you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life.
  • you could be more prone to high blood pressure and raise your chances of a heart attack
  • again here you could have problems with your bones because your frame will have to carry your weight
  • getting pregnant might not be the problem, but giving birth could be harder.

I hope that this has been insightful. The most important thing is to find a balance and to be happy with who you are.

Lots of love



Fashion On The Go: I Want To See…


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Hi guys,

living in Europe is actually pretty great. We have a lot of freedom, and a lot of awesome cities that are pretty close together. This also means a lot of awesome styles that come together on very little space. Additionally each country has amazing and fascinating history.

But like every 17- year old teenager I want to leave home and backpack around the country and expirience amazing things that you only see in romantic comedies. Even though there is probably a fat chance of that happening, a girl can dream. And thats not going to end my travelling dreams.

Because, I Want To See…

… Paris, France

Collage 2015-01-24 22_02_51

Sweater, Leather Skirt, Heels, Ring, Necklace

… London, England

Collage 2015-01-24 22_02_24

Dress, Leather Jacket, Bag, Necklace, Shoes

… New York, USA

Collage 2015-01-24 22_14_30

Blouse, High-waisted jeans, Jacket, Necklace, Shoes, Bag

… Key West, USA (again!)

Collage 2015-01-24 22_20_06

Hat, Kimono, Sandals, Romper, Bag

… Cape town, South Africa
Collage 2015-01-24 22_29_34

Shirt, Shorts, Cardigan, Sandals

… Sydney, Australia

Collage 2015-01-24 22_37_09

Maxi Dress, Jacket, Ballerinas, Backpack, Watch, Bracelet

… Thasos, Greece

Collage 2015-01-24 22_42_22

Sweater, Shorts, Bikini, Flip Flops

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I actually have some news. I just got a bloglovin account, so if you guys also have one you can follow my blog and we can become blog buddies.

Also I’ll soon have a lot of time to post some awesome outfit ideas and fashion tips, so stay tuned for that.

Lots of love


Fashion on the go: Travel Beauty Tips

Hi guys,

So this is a reupload because somehow it didn’t display this post right the last time. I hope you’ll forgive me that I’m not posting anything new, but I have so much going on at the moment: school and I’m doing this riding exam and it’s all really eating up my time so excuse me if my posts aren’t as frequent as they usually are.

Without further ado let’s get started with the 3rd post in this “Fashion on the go” -Series. Enjoy:

1. BB Cream

BB cream
I absolutely love this product, especially for travelling. It moisturises your skin which is very useful because airplanes can dry it out so easily. It also doesn’t feel like you have a ton of makeup on your face but still gives you some coverage. I think every girl should have a tube of BB cream lying around.

White eyeliner

Let’s face it if you would go on a long flight with perfect cat eyes, you’ll probabley arrive looking like a racoon. And who wants that? Thats why I stay away from the black eyeliner and instead just try to look as awake and fresh as possible. White eyeliner is subtle but if you put it on your waterline and the corner of your eye it can really open them up. Plus, if it smudges you don’t see it.

Clear top coat
image image

Nail Polish
Good news girls: You can color your nails to your hearts content, because only the cheapest nail polishes chip after a few hours. But remember to seal with a top coat so that they’ll survive all the luggage carrying!

No waterproof Mascara

This is a big no. You might think:”I want my mascara to last so I better put on waterproof.” It makes sense but if you go to sleep with waterproof mascara you might break of your lovely lashes, and no mascara will be able to cover that up. Rather keep a packet of makeup wipes in your hand luggage just in case.

image image

You can leave it open but a lot of people prefer to have their hair out of their face. And there are so many easy ways to do it. Since you’ll probably be sleeping I would recommend to either wear your hair in a braid or in a very high bun. If you want some braiding pointers check out my Braids 101 post.

I hope you enjoyed my post and apologies again.



Fashion on the go: Non-Beauty Travel essentials

Hi guys,

I hope you had a lovely week, to be honest mine wasn’t that good, except for the weekend, because I manged to break my favorite pair of ankle boots. But anyway…

Welcome to this weeks post and I’m going to start it off with a huge announcement: in exactly 33 days I’m leaving for America. I’m really excited about it, I’ve never been and my family and I are visiting great places. I figured that for this I could do a little special. It will probably contain 3 posts with tips to travel comfortably but still fashionably. Let’s get started with today’s post: Non-Beauty Travel essentials

1.) Hand Sanitiser


Strawberry Cheesecake, Mango,Vanilla

Airplanes, airports, train stations, trains, boats… anything to do with public transport is designed to carry a lot of people and because of that they aren’t the most hygienic places. I anyway always like to carry some hand sanitiser with me and I would definitely recommend it when travelling.

2.) Water


When travelling you want to stay hydrated. You move around a lot, have to carry heavy bags and if you fly, you have to sit in a stuffy vessel for a few hours tops. One thing to put on your duty-free shopping list should definitely be water.

3.) Phone


Do I even have to explain this one? It’s the best invention ever simply because it means we aren’t completely helpless if something doesn’t go as planned, plus if you get bored you can always play a game on it.

4.) Music


You don’t necessarily need an ipod for this, all smartphones have a music application on them, which also means less to carry

5. ) Headphones


If you want to listen to music you need headphones.  It would be just plain rude to listen to music on loudspeaker and it won’t make you popular with the other passengers.
These by Frends have been on my wish list for like… forever. They are an accessory by themselves and personally, for travelling I prefer overear headphones.

6.) Eye mask


Eye mask
Even though they switch some lights off in the plane, it’s still to bright for me. And these I masks are to cute to resist.

I hope this post was useful. I mostly based it on my experience. 
If you have any other suggestions or add-ons please feel free to comment below.


Be my Valentine♡ Makeup edition

Hi guys,

Valentines day is soon and I’m really excited because I love Valentines day, sadly here in Switzerland it isn’t a big deal. But I don’t care so get ready for my Valentines day special edition because for the next few weeks it will be almost the only thing I’ll be posting.

I already did my face makeup, so this is going to be more of an eye makeup tutorial.

This is how I’m starting out. If you want to know what I used, this is it:

Clinique acne solution(in 01 fresh alabaster), Clinique chubby stick(in 07 super strawberry), Sunkissed bronzer(color at the bottom),Catrice highlighter(in C01 Far and beyond),Nyx eyebrow cake powder(in Dark brown/brown),got2b powderful

I also used L’Oréal BB Cream Anti-dark circles and Yardley Oatmeal 2 in 1 blemish stick in Ivory, but I couldn’t find them anywhere.  I think they are discontinued. 
By the way I used the Chubby Stick as a blush and it worked really way. It gave a nice subtle color.

Now to my eyes. I grabbed my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash eye shadow in the color Champagne 13. I used it in the corner of my eye, under my eyebrow and over my whole eye lid.

Then I took my Long wear cream shadow, also by Bobbi Brown in the color Heather 30. This I just put over my lid. It is a purple color but it’s still subtle.


Next I grabbed my nyx Smokey look kit.

I chose the darkest grey color in the middle and brushed it in the corner of my eye. I didn’t brush exactly in the corner of my eye but smudged the gray a little bit over my temple for an extra smokey look. Be sure to blend it well though.

The next step is optional. I did it for a more intense look. I just grabbed my liquid liner and drew a thin line at the bottom and at the top of my eye, but only in the corner. Then I grabbed a kajal and went over the line I did before. Then just smudge it a little bit.

Now because of the black around my eye I filled my waterline with a white kajal. It just opens my eyes a little bit more.

For my mascara I used Mabyelline Big Eyes Mascara and then I piled some CovergirlLashblast Fusion on my top lashes.

Then for my last touch I added my Yves Rocher Nourishing balm. It is the chocolate and rasberry one, and again for some reason its discontinued even though I love it.

It moisturises my lips and ats abit of color. Plus it smells amazing.

The look:



Thanks for reading this post. If you try the look please show it to me via email,  or via Twitter @Fashion4forFun,  or via Instagram @Fashion4forFun.  Have a nice week.



Autumn/Winter Beauty Favorites

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog post. I decided on my favorite beauty products for winter and fall, so you guys can get to know me better. Let’s get started:


1. Bows

This is a trend which is cute ,but hard to pull off. The hard part is pretty much not to look like a five-year old!  If you’ re smaller than average or/and often have people telling you how much younger you look, then this trend might not be for you. The most important rule with this trend is: It doesn’t suit everyone!
But I promise you otherwise this style is pretty simple and it can be worn in so many ways. Just get out there and be creative. Try different sizes or colors. There are so many different pattern to choose from. If you can’t find a bow that is just right: make your own! ( If you want a tutorial, just leave a comment down below;))
Here are some suggestions how to style the bow:
1. Clip the bow behind or infront of your bun. Its a simple, but good way to make an everyday updo more interesting.
2. Cut a long piece of ribbon and tie it in your ponytail. Don’t be scared to make the ribbon extra long.
3. Take your two front hair strands ,twist them backwards and then pin them in place with a bow. This personally is my favorite way to style a bow. It keeps your hair out of your face , but still allows your hair to be kept open.


2. Hair Ties

This might sound weird, but I’ve never liked rubber hair ties. They never match your outfit, they always look out of place BUT you wear them anyway ,because they are convenient.
Finally there’s a solution. These hair ties are still rubber but they look like fabric. You can find them in a lot of stores in America, but if you live in Switzerland,  like me, you might have trouble finding them. They have a really good set in H&M which includes basic colors like black and white but also others. 
The only problem with these ties is that they stretch out after a while, but they don’t have that little metal piece, or as I call it, that ouchy-part  which can damage your hair.


3. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution

I am a person who has oily skin, which is really annoying because I get a lot of acne. If your skin is like mine this foundation is perfect for you. It is specifically designed for oily skin and it has a very good coverage. The only downside is the price. Its a little bit pricey,  but I’ve found that you don’t want to skimp to much when it comes to what you put on your face.


4. Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner – Mabyeline

Three words: Best Eyeliner Ever!
It’s longlasting,  doesn’t smudge and it’s shaped like a pen, so its easy to apply. I really recommend it for beginners ,but more advanced makeup users can use it too.


5. Clinique Chubby Stick

I love this lip balm, especially in winter. It moisturises your lips and gives them just a hint of color. Again its from Clinique so its on the pricey side and even though there are a lot of knock-offs out there , none are as good as the original. My favorite colors are “super strawberry” and “chunky cherry”.


6. Kiel’s No-Shine Moisturising Lip Balm

This has no color and no shine but it actually is one of the best lip balms out there. As soon as you put it in your lips, you smell the minty flavor and feel how it encourages the blood flow. Its so good if you have dry lips. I mostly put it on in the morning and then when I’m at school I use other products.


7. J’ adore – Dior

This is a classic that just has to go on your wish list. When I spray it on in the morning, I find myself smelling my arm the whole day. Its a flowery smell in a beautifully designed bottle.
The reason why I would put it on your wish list ,is because it’s on the pricey side of life. But if you like the smell, I promise you, it’s a classic that you won’t regret buying.


I hope you liked my first post, I put a lot of effort into it. I know its not perfect but I’m still learning. Please follow me on Twitter where I’ll be posting when I’m upgrading my blog. Have a nice week everybody:)