Christmas with Caitlyn: Lip scrub

Hi beauties,

Welcome to my first ever holiday special with the name: Christmas with Caitlyn. And let me just say, I’m so excited,  I absolutely love Christmas. I love the lights, I love the decorations and most of all I love the fashion.

But today we won’t be looking at the amazing fashion, instead we’ll be concentrating on the gifting part of Christmas. In particular: Lip scrub.
The idea came from this lip scrub by Lush. It tastes so good, they have so many different flavours and it works really well, my only issue with it is, it’s quite pricey. So I decided to do some handiwork instead. So let’s get started:

You will need:

– small makeup holders
– castor sugar
– olive oil
– honey
– flavouring (optional)

1.) Take a teaspoonful of castor sugar and mix it with 1-1.5 teaspoonfuls of olive oil. The mixture should not be too oily.



2.) Add honey. Just dribble it over the mixture.  It can’t be too sticky, but it’s supposed to help stick it all together.

3.) Now it’s time to add the flavouring.  I went for real christmasy flavours, since well, Advent starts today. Here for the one lip scrub I used gingerbread herbs and I swear it tastes just like gingerbread. So good!

For my second lip scrub I chose clementine and I just grated some of the peel into the mixture and then mixed it. It’s fresh, fruity and it reminds me of the christmas season. Enjoy!

4.) Put the scrub in the makeup holder. Press it down and fill it up to get the most out of the scrub.

Voilà! You can use this lip scrub for yourself or pack it up as a christmas present. It’s great, especially if your lips are chapped.
I can promise you now that I’ll be making more DIYs for christmas presents,  so stay tuned.

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Happy 1st Advent, enjoy it with your family and friends and I’ll be seeing you guys soon.



P.S A big shout out to a few of my friends. They’ve been sick for the last few days and I’m hoping that this post will cheer them up a little bit. I love you guys, get well soon. ♡♥♡