Ed Sheeran Concert <3

Hi guys,

my legs are sore and I’ve just finished my 5th cup of coffee, which only means one thing: I was at a concert last night. AND it was awesome. Ed Sheeran is seriously one of the most hard-working guys out there and he deserves the fame.

So sit back and enjoy the pictures.

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Ed is such a funny guy and he really got everybody in the mood. Even when he took the Instagram picture, he just kept us jamming.

When he sang his hit single “The A Team” he asked us to put up our phones, so he would see a sea of lights. And as you see in the picture above, the result is breathtaking.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Lots of love



Imagine Dragons Concert

Hi my beauties,

I’m sorry to inform you that today isn’t going to be a Christmas special, but I have something else planned for today. For all of you who have seen my past few posts know that last Monday Imagine Dragons came to Switzerland and had an awesome concert. Today is a pretty casual post so I hope you guys enjoy it anyway.
It was my first concert ever, and it was really good. They had two opening acts. The first one was ‘The moth and the flame’, they were good, there music just wasn’t really my taste and the second one was ‘Family of the year’. They were a bit more to my liking, especially there song ‘Hero’.
Finally ‘Imagine Dragons’ came on and they were awesome.n Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, was really funny and entertaining. I loved how they used the drums for almost every song and the whole concert was just one huge light show. At one point they threw out these huge balloons filled with confetti, they popped after a while and so the confetti rained down on us. It was so much fun and there was a good atmosphere during and after the concert.
Anyway, I’m sorry that I’m keeping you waiting. Sit back, relax and enjoy the pictures and videos:







I hope you enjoyed this post. I promise you next week I’ll make up for the Christmas special that we missed today.

I actually have a tutorial to the shirts that we wore so be sure to check that out. It’s called ‘DIY: Embellished shirt’ and you can find it in the category ‘Tutorial’ or ‘Fashion’.

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Have a beautiful 3rd Advent guys.