The Benefits of Motivation Boards<3

Hi guys,

if there’s one thing that fashion bloggers are obsessed with, it’s motivation boards. They help us get stuff done and make us feel like tumblr girls if you know what I mean.

I have more than one actually but you can also choose one option.

The first option is the typical “board”, you can buy a very cheap on at the craft store or you can get a magnetic one on which you can use cute magnets as accessories.

The only downside is that it gets full after a while, but that can also be a benefit because you can find new motivations.

P1030623 P1030629


Second option is great for all those studious girls out there that spend a good part of their day at their desk.

Simply get a clear sheet and put your motivations and/or accomplishments underneath it. Don’t feel like studying? Remember that time you had an A+? Suddenly you’ve found a new reason to hit the books.

It’s also a pretty cheap way to have a motivation board and has a double-use because at the same time it’s protecting your desk.


The third option is the electronic one. I use Pinterest, so if you want you can follow me. The electronic one is great because it pretty much takes up no space and you can follow other people and get inspired by them. Like all social networks it connects us and it can be such a positive experience.


There you go guys, those are the 3 options I use, and I promise you they are worth it. They help develop your style, reach your goals and be happy.

Enjoy your Saturday,

Lots of love




Christmas with Caitlyn: Personalised beanie

Hallo my cuties,

Sunday is here and I’ve got another DIY for you…and a little suprise. I have the feeling I’m getting a hang of the picture taking scene, so that’s pretty awesome.
This tutorial is going to be a little bit different. I’m going to show you how to personalise your beanie, because if there’s one thing I can’t stand is if I see 5 people looking exactly the same. So let’s begin:

You’ll need:


– a beanie
– a necklace
– fabric glue
– matching thread
– needle

Let’s begin:

1.) Grab your necklace and use some tweezers to undo the chain.



2.) Pin the ends of your necklace to the beanie. Here you place the necklace the way you want it to be. It helps if you put the beanie on.
Now if you have a bendable necklace like me its easier to place, but if you have an unbendable one you can try bending it with your hands.

3.) Take a thread, loop it through the needle and then knot both ends together.

4.) Start sewing from the inside of the beanie, then inward again and just continue like that, until it’s stable.

5.) The rest of my necklace is still hanging through so I’m going to glue the stones on. If you want you can sew it, but I’m a little bit lazy.



Now you have your own personalised beanie.

And now to my surprise.


I cut my hair!!! I can honestly say I’ve never cut my hair this short so this is a huge step for me. I hope you like it;)

I know this DIY was pretty brief, if you want a more detailed version you can check out my ’embellished shirt’ tutorial.

Now my last blog post was about holiday hairstyles and I’d love it if you could send me your pictures of those hairstyles.  The best 5 will be displayed on my blog. So be sure to check that out.

A happy 2nd advent everybody and I’ll be seeing you guys next week.