Nail Art: Floral Nails

Hi my beauties,

It’s Sunday again and I’ve been missing Spring like crazy, which is weird ’cause Spring is like 3 months away. But this is also a cute tutorial for Valentines day so why the heck not? Btw this tutorial was inspired by this amazing nail artist on instagram @nailaholic_ . So if you’re looking for inspiration you should check her out.

You’ll need:

– base and top coat
– white nail polish
– a light pink nail polish
– a darker pink nail polish
– a green nail polish

Let’s get started:

1.) This is optional,  but I always use a base coat,  because I don’t like it when the polish stains and it also last longer. If you do be sure to let it dry before continuing.

2.) Paint your nails white. You might need 2-3 coats depending on the polish. Again let the polish dry.

3.) Dot a bit of the lighter pink nail polish on your nail. I just put a blob of the nail polish on but if you want you can use a dotting tool.

As you see I haven’t painted the one nail yet because I’m going for a different design there.
Let the polish dry.

4.) As soon as the lighter polish is dry you can get your darker pink polish and a thin brush. I wouldn’t use a makeup brush for this unless you don’t need it anymore. Here you have to be precise. Just paint tiny lines around the dot and inside of it.

Take your time with this.

5.) Use the same brush and paint two lines with the green nail polish.

Whith this step you’re finishef with your floral nail pattern. It’s really easy to do but it does take time and patience.

6.) Now I’m going to show you what I did with my other nail that I left bare. I’m using the same tape technique that I used with my holiday nail art, you can go check it out, if you want.

I just painted the stripes with the lighter pink and painted a few thin lines with the darker pink nail polish and my nail art brush.

And finally:


The floral nails♥♡♥ I’ve been so into floral lately, that I adore these nails, even though they take some time.
I hope you love them as much as I do. If you do these nails I’d love to see them. You can send your pics of the  via email or Twitter @Fashion4forFun or you can tag me in it on Instagram @Fashion4forFun.  Be sure to check out @nailaholic_ my inspiration for this post.