Fashion inspired by BBC Merlin

Hi guys,

since discovering Polyvore I have been enjoying it so much. I also just started my holidays so I have a lot of time on my hands.

Merlin is the story of the legendary wizard when he arrives in Camelot. Right after arriving he finds out that his and Arthurs fates are intwined and that he must help this arrogant prince become the future legend.

The show has a good twist on this classic story and is actually really funny at times. It has 5 seasons and is definitely something to look into.

If you want more information on the post just click on the picture and follow it to Polyvore.

Please enjoy:


Be my Valentine♡ Outfit ideas

Hi guys,

I hope you don’t mind that I took the last week off. I was really sick and I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m sick I’m not really productive.  But I really want to continue my Valentine edition so I put together a few outfit ideas, which are nice no matter what you do.

Outfit #1: Casual date


Dress, Jacket, Shoes, Backpack,

When dressing for Valentines day, the problem is not what, but how much you wear. Give me a second to explain. You don’t want to overdue it, you want to find a nice balance between themed and just plain cheesy. Go for lace, floral and the colors red and pink, and look for one statement piece that you afterwards build around.
In this outfit it is definitely the dress and I can imagine this outfit for a romantic picnic or a coffee date. Even for going shopping actually,  mabye with some of your girlfriends.

Outfit #2: Formal date


Dress, Shoes, Leather Jacket, Bracelet

When I put this outfit together I was thinking of a romantic dinner for two, or frankly some dressy party at a mansion. I absolutely love the lace detailing and although I’m not really a bracelet person I love this delicate triple infinity one by urbanoutfitters.

Outfit #3: Girls Night


Top, Jacket, Jeans, Handbag, Necklace

Top this look off with a pair of black heels and you’re good to go for a night with the girls. Although the outfit isn’t that special I think the jacket really tops it off. How awesome are the detailed lace sleeves?

I hope you liked this post, enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you next time.