Christmas with Caitlyn: Holiday nail art

Hi my beauties,

Sorry I’m so late, but I had a christmas party today and didn’t have time to plan ahead.  So here I am this evening and I promis no more late posts. At least until 2014.

Christmas is almost here, I mean 2 days and that means I need a few new ideas for the new year. So don’t be shy to leave a comment or to send me an email ( with your ideas.

Now lets get started.

You’ll need:


– duck tape
White nail vanish (pearly white)
Red nail vanish ( Paint-the-Town)
Glitter nail polish ( 41 2 Million Dollar Baby)

(I couldn’t find the exact nail vanishes that I used, except for the catrice one but these should be fine. I triec the nail vanishes from each brand and they’re really good.)

Lets get started:

1.) Paint your nails white. If you want you can put on a base coat, I didn’t because I didn’t want the nail polish to be to thick.

2.) Get your duck tape and use it to outline what you want to be red. Careful!!!! Your nails have to be really dry and I’m using a really weak duck tape because otherwise you’ll just tear off the white nail polish when you remove it.
Whith the red lines you should make sure that the stripes have different sizes.

Paint in the gap that you created with your red nail polish. Let it dry.

3.) Slowly and carefully take the duck tape off. As soon as you’ve done that you should press down the edge of the red so that it’s smoother.

Mine are a tiny bit messy but I hope you’ll forgive me. I’m also really sorry that some of the pictures are a little out of fokus, I don’t know what I did wrong but I’ll try to avoid this in the future.

Now you’re actually done with the actual part of the tutorial, but because I owe you guys, here is a little extra:

1.) Take a piece of fabric. Best is a thin semi see-through Christmas ribbon.

This you place over a nail of your choice. I decided to take my pinky.

2.) As soon as you’ve decided drop a blob of clear nail polish on that nail and place the fabric over it and press it on. Let the nail polish dry.

As soon as it’s dry go over your nail a few times with a clear nail polish.

3.) Grab a pair of sharp scissors and cut away any excess fabric except an inch of fabric infront of your nail.

4.) Go over your nail again with the clear nail polish and then cut of the rest of the excess fabric.


5/4.) This is optional, but it looks really nice. Take a glittery nail polish and go over each nail, except the one with the fabric on it. It just adds that christmasy touch.

And now I’m sure you’ve been trying to figure out what stripez have to do with Christmas.  The official name for this type of manicure is… drum roll please………….


Yes, and they’re so easy to do so please enjoy trying this yourself.

Now if you ever try any of my tutorials, please take a picture amd put it on instagram with the #caitlynsentme and I’ll randomly give a shout out to a few people who do this. I’ll be checking this the whole year round so feel free to do this anytime. If you don’t have instagram don’t worry, you can also tweet a pic @Fashion4forFun or send me the pic via email .

And who knows I might be having a giveaway soon if enough people apply.

Have a great day/evening/morning and enjoy your holidays.